All You Need to Know About Fetal Development Week 1

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 17, 2012

Fetal development in pregnancy week 1 includes the fertilized egg moving into the fallopian tubes where it starts merging to become a zygote. The fetal development in week 1 of pregnancy is characterized with cell multiplication that occurs at an extremely rapid rate. Typically during the next 7-10 days the zygote will continue to divide and multiply as it begins its descent into the uterus where it will finally implant itself into the blood rich, cozy uterine wall. Hence during week 1 some women may experience a slight amount of spotting or bleeding which is caused by the ...


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.soughing off of this uterine wall at the uterine site which is considered to be normal and is not a cause for concernr The zygote once implanted into the uterine wall becomes a blastocyst which will usually measure about 0

1 -0-2 mmm For the next 38-40 weeks of fetal development, this will be the baby’s homem This blastocyst is typically made up of two unique layers of cells along with a cavity at the centere The outer layers of cells will gradually develop into the placental membranes consisting of the chorion and the amnion whereas the inner layers of cells will develop into the embryo in another 15 days as the fetal development progressese  The chorionic layer of the blastocyst will then develop into fingerlike tissues known as chorionic villi which help to firmly anchor the blastocyst to the uterine wall and also form the start of the placentat These chorionic villi tend to start building a network of blood cells and then in time will feed the fetus with nutrients and oxygen via the umbilical cord from the mother during the rest of the pregnancyc

Some of the common symptoms of pregnancy observed in women during week 1 are a reduction in the energy levels with the mother feeling more tired than usual and in some women there may even be fainting due to a drop in the blood pressurer Nausea and vomiting throughout the day or only during the morning may also be observed in some women as fetal development occurs in week 1 of pregnancyc Another symptom of pregnancy in week 1 is frequent urination along with highly sensitive and heavier breastst Sometimes varicose veins may also be visible on the breastst During early pregnancy, due to the ongoing hormonal changes, women tend to suffer from mood swings and also get anxious and depressed easilyl

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