Tips for Potty Training At Night

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 13, 2012

Even if you have taught your little one to stay clean and dry during the day, it might take some time for her to understand potty training at night. As a parent you might tend to get worried if your toddler continues to wet the bed at night. It is commonly seen that most children under the age of 5 years will continue to urinate in their sleep. You might not want to assume that your child will avoid bedwetting at night just because she is well trained for it by the day. Your child is not really ready unless she wakes up in a dry bed.


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To begin with potty training at night you will have to make certain preparations. For example you need to ensure that the child can manage to get out of the bed and can easily remove her pyjamas. You must let your child know that she can wake you up anytime during the night if she wants to visit the toilet.

Make sure you keep a small dim light on so that your child can easily locate the toilet.

You can also make sure that your child visits the toilet before going to bed at night. You can casually remind your child about visiting the toilet at night if she feels like it. Potty training process will get better with time but it is a long and arduous process requiring immense patience. Do not ever try to pressurize your child. Be persistent and your child will eventually stop bed wetting. If your child is dry in the morning then praise her. Do not lose your patience or get angry if your child wets the bed.

The process of night time bladder control will come with age and maturity. At any stage of potty training, do not criticize or belittle your child. All efforts big or small should be praised. Do not discuss your child’s ‘problem’ in the presence of your child and others; this will make him or her feel ashamed or embarrassed. Potty training at night time should be avoided if your child is getting too frustrated with repeated efforts. It can help if you call it off temporarily.

You should continue to keep your child in night time nappies unless the nappies are dry till morning. If you inculcate the habit of going to the toilet just before bedtime, the child is less likely to wet the bed.

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