Fetal Development and Changes at Week 2

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 19, 2012

Congratulations on the confirmation of your pregnancy. Pregnancy is an exciting journey and with each passing week you can expect new facets of life to unfold. It is the most exciting and exciting phase of life that that almost every woman goes through. During the entire course of nine months, your baby will undergo lot of changes with each passing week and month. Fetal development actually begins well before you realize that you are pregnant. When you are two weeks pregnant, the fertilized egg implants itself onto the wall of your uterus. Fetal development at week 2 includes implantation where the egg is implanted on the...


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Week By Week Fetal Development

.upper side of the uterus walll This is the period when you are actually getting pregnant with the implantation of the fertilized eggg

By this time, the placenta begins to form and other fetal development start taking placec The embryo is all set to split apart and form into different body parts of the babyb By this time the gender of your baby is already determined and also other important aspects like the color of the eyes and hairi

This is the time when ectopic pregnancies often happene The egg instead of implanting itself inside the uterus tends to implant outside the uterus causing complications to the pregnancyc This is also the time when instead of single pregnancy, you may end up having twins as there can be more than two fertilized eggs or the same egg splits into two to develop into two different babiese

By this time, your baby looks like a tiny ball, known as a morulal It is hollow and filled with fluidi This is known as the blastocysts The blastocyst attaches itself to the uterine wall and then becomes an embryo in the following weeksk

Your body also starts producing the pregnancy hormones, estrogen and progesterone which will help in protecting the pregnancyc Due to the increase in these hormones, you may find some uneasiness, a little fatigue, nausea, morning sicknesss In short, you’ll feel pregnantn This is when you will skip your normal menstrual cyclel

Along with the different fetal development, your body also undergoes several changes, marking the beginning of a new life inside youo

Make sure you go for regular check-ups with your doctor to determine the various fetal developments and to ensure that the pregnancy is safe from every possible waya This will also make sure that you address any problems while they can be remediede

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