Tips to Dress Your Child Stylishly in Summer

Submitted by Jenifer on April 24, 2013

Summer is a difficult time with toddlers. Their short attention spans are even shorter and you run out of clothes for your toddlers quickly with all the pool excursions and ice cream spills. The weather doesn't make it any easier if you are not able to make your toddler cool and comfortable.


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Cool summer dresses for toddlers are a delight to shop for and make your toddler really comfortable. Toddler summer dresses are easily available in a variety of fabrics, colours and prints. Too much choice can also make it difficult for you to pick the most appropriate dress.

Pick light clothes for your toddlers. Choose natty looking shorts in comfortable fabrics. Shorts with sleeveless vests make a comfortable outfit for indoor or outdoor play. Remember to use child-friendly sun screen if your toddler plays outdoor. Tunic-style dresses are trendy and comfortable.

It's not just the design but also the fabric and colours that play a role in great summer clothing. Quality material can make a design or a cut go from average to good. Cotton is the best fabric for summer clothing. It absorbs sweat and helps the skin breathe naturally.

Summer clothing is all about colours. Pick summer colours like pastels, light prints and soft shades. Dress your toddler in peaches, light pinks, light yellows and blues. You can even try to combine one element of light colour with another in a darker colour. A light blue vest with maroon shorts, or dark pink tee with white shorts.

Caps, hats and other interesting head gear can make a big difference to your child's summer wardrobe. In fact a sun hat is actually a must. You could pick up some good quality sunglasses for your child. Most of these accessories, you have to remember, might not work with actual play time.

Part of an effective summer wardrobe is good swim wear. Investing in a good swimming costume is also an important part of good summer clothing.

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