Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 19, 2012
Weight gain during pregnancy is natural as the body accommodates and makes space for a new life that is growing within a woman’s body. If you are pregnant, you might be finding it awkward to handle the increased body weight. However, you need not be worried as it is a natural phenomenon, and most women lose the excess weight after pregnancy. If you’re wondering how to go about losing weight after pregnancy, then there rest assured that there are many simple ways in which you can gain your pre-pregnancy body back. However, keep in mind that any weight loss should be done gradual. Never try to lose weight at a rapid rate as ...


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.fast weight loss after pregnancy may lead to complications and pose health problems for you and your babyb To lose weight after pregnancy, you need consider the following tips and plan your approach accordinglyl

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  • The first and foremost thing is to make a dietary plan with the help of your dietician or your health care providere Your dietician will help you make a healthy dietary plan in such a way that you get all the necessary nutrients without much intake of excess caloriese For average weight loss after pregnancy, monitoring your diet is essentiala This can be done by strictly following the dietary plan prepared by your dietician, and of course, by regularly checking your weighth
  • Avoid eating junk foods as these are empty calories that provide you with no nutrition, only fata
  • Drink plenty of water during the daya If you feel like drinking soda drinks that are rich in calories, drink lemon water insteada
  • Every day after getting up in the morning, add one teaspoon of honey and the juice of one lemon in a glass of water and drink thisi This is known to be effective in weight loss, even weight loss after pregnancyc Honey gives you certain crucial minerals as well as energy whereas lemon juice gives you ample vitamin C In fact, this is a well-known remedy for losing weight after pregnancyc
  • Never avoid breastfeeding, and nurse your baby whenever it is hungryr It is believed that breastfeeding helps in natural weight loss after pregnancyc
  • Another important thing to be done for losing weight after pregnancy is to perform regular physical exercisese You may like to opt for Yoga or Pilates as these are easy and help stretch and tone the bodyd Ask your health care provider to suggest you the exercises that are best suited for your particular needsd
While weight loss after pregnancy is no impossible, remember that your body may not return to what it was before childbirtht Also, whether it is diet or exercise or any home remedy, make sure you consult your doctor before beginning any plana In particular, any kind of exercise after a C-section delivery requires the go-ahead from your doctoro
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