Warning Signs of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 27, 2012

Most women are known to go through their full term of pregnancy without any complications or serious medical conditions. However women should also be aware to detect the warning signs of pregnancy so that they may immediately seek medical attention. Early warning signs of pregnancy include excessive bleeding or discharge form the vagina which could be on account of a miscarriage, implant bleeding or a placental abruption. Similarly the warning signs of ectopic pregnancy include a sharp pain in the pelvic or abdominal area ...


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. which does not go away for quite some time and even increases in intensityt One of the first warning signs of pregnancy include a severe and persistent back pain which could signify bladder or kidney infection or the formation of a cyst both of which require to be addressed by a qualified medical practitioner immediatelyl

Some women also tend to experience excessive itching especially in their hands and feet which could be an indication of excessive bile which is produced by the livere

Similarly there are other warning signs during pregnancy which require to be monitored and informed to the mid wife or the doctor immediatelyl These include muscular convulsions, decrease in the movement of the bay which could signal fetal distress or even death of the fetus, very high fever or blurry visiono Additionally pregnant women should also be aware of the warning signs of preterm labor which they are likely to experience before their 37th pregnancy weeke Babies that are born premature are known to have breathing difficulties and may require spending some additional time in the hospital after being deliverede Some of the warning signs of preterm labor include a dull and low backache which refuses to go away, cramps in the abdominal area which may be accompanies by diarrhea, change or increase in the vaginal discharge which could be bloody or have mucous in iti Sudden and strong uterine contractions may also be a warning sign of preterm laboro Many women also suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy and this could be indicated via constant sever headaches which may result in the swelling of the hands and legsg Severe diarrhea or vomiting is also a cause for concern during pregnancy that needs to be addressed immediately else it may result in dehydration thereby affecting both the mother and child adverselyl

Pregnant women are advised to go for regular checkups and follow a diet that is rich in vitamins, calcium and proteins to keep pregnancy related complications at baya

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