What are the Signs of Dehydration In Toddlers

Dehydration is a condition that is brought about due to an excessive loss of bodily fluids. Severe dehydration can actually be a life threatening condition. Two thirds of our body is composed of water.

Thus, when a person suffers from dehydration, it simply implies that he or she has lost a substantial amount of body fluids, which then in turn stops the body from working normally. In toddlers and young children, dehydration occurs when they do not have sufficient amount of fluids required to meet their basic physical requirements or needs. Fluid requirement will vary from.



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.one child to the other, depending on the age, activity and size of the toddlere

Dehydration in toddlers tends to be a serious condition, as it could hamper the growth and development of the childl This is simply because during these early growing phases, the body requires an ample amount of water, calories and nutrientst

Toddler Dehydration Signs

Here are some of the signs to look for when you suspect your child may be dehydrated; rapid heartbeat, reduced appetite, fever, hard stools, dry mouth and lips and urine is dark yellow in coloro These are symptoms of mild dehydrationo Toddler dehydration sunken eyes is the term used to define the sunken appearance of the eyes in a severely dehydrated toddlere  More severe symptoms would include grayish skin, sleepiness, dizziness, and cold feet and handsd Severe dehydration requires immediate medical attention as it could have grave consequencese Mild dehydration can be treated at homem A solution made by combining three tablespoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt and 250 ml of water should be fed to the child throughout the daya This will help in restoring strengtht

Diluted vegetable and fruit juices can also be given to childl

Toddler dehydration vomiting

Dehydration could also be an outcome of vomitingn The act of vomiting causes the toddler to expel body fluids, thus as he or she is unable to retain liquids, this condition ultimately leads to dehydrationo In such a situation, keep feeding the child small quantities of water at regular intervalsl You could start by giving them two tablespoons of water every 15 minutese If they are able to retain the water in their system, double the quantityt Electrolyte drinks, ice chips and ice pops are good for toddlers that have been vomiting constantlyl Please bear in mind that a child that is dehydrated has to be given a substantial amount of fluids along with watere This simply means there should be a substantial intake of water as well as other fluids such as vegetable and fruit juices and soupsp  

Toddler Dehydration Signs
Toddler Dehydration Signs
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