Cruise Travel Restrictions that You Should keep in Mind during Pregnancy

Going through a pregnancy is one of the most stressful times for any expecting mother and the temptation to get away from it all by exiling yourself in a faraway place or even through a relaxing cruise is very understandable. Pregnancy cruises are becoming more and more popular as mothers find newer ways of relaxation and entertainment during the most physically and mentally stressful times of their lives.

However, as with any travel plans as well as any plans made during a pregnancy, there are a few things the expecting mother should keep in mind and adhere to in order to keep safe the baby inside her.


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Pregnancy Cruise Restrictions

It is important to remember to avoid tiring yourself out because of the seemingly endless opportunities as fatigues is one of the last conditions you want to be affected by when pregnant. Most cruise liners will also not allow you to board the boat if you are in your third trimester for fear of you actually delivering your baby on international waters. When choosing a cruise during pregnancy, it is important to keep in mind that the smaller liners, ones that house less than about 100 people, do not have the medical personnel to help in the case of any medical emergencies that you may experience while on board. It is also essential to consult your healthcare provider about the wisdom of combining pregnancy and cruises as certain medical history factors such as whether you have had previous preterm deliveries, delivering twins or multiple births will play a role in determining how much risk is involved.

Some cruise liners may even demand a letter from your physician stating that it is safe for you to board the ship while also stating how far along you are in the pregnancy. One aspect that a number of expecting mothers seem to forget about is to check their medical insurance to see whether it covers any travel. If not, it is highly recommended that you purchase some additional travel medical insurance. Also stock up any medication that you are on as the ships pharmacy will not necessarily have the medication you require. Some mothers believe it to be a wise decision to avoid mentioning the fact that they are pregnant when they book the cruise, but this couldn't be more wrong as any complications that arise during the cruise would leave you in a position where the staff may not necessarily be prepared for the situation.

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