Can i eat sushi while breastfeeding?

(August 12, 2010)

It has always been recommended that young nursing mothers be careful about what they eat. The foods they eat are the nutritional source for the production of milk in the body and the primary compositions of these foods are passed on to children when they breast feed. A number of questions have been raised on the topic of foods that are safe to be consumed when breastfeeding a baby. Countries that lie in the Far East have a number of delicacies that are prepared in many different ways. Sushi, a delicacy made of raw fish, parts of which are highly toxic. The primary fear with eating sushi is that it may not be fresh, as it is required to ferment for a few days before being consumed. The other fear is that the toxicity of the fish may have an adverse effect on the milk being produced in the body and will, in turn, take its toll on the breast fed child.

The most common warning sign to indicate that your child’s body is not in agreement with something you have eaten is the occurrence of a rash on his or her body. If this does occur, consult your pediatrician immediately and identify all the new foods that you have consumed, that may have led to the reaction. In any event, do not give your child any medication without the prior approval of a medical representative. Drinking plenty of water will help to lower the level of toxins in your body and flush out your system, making it safe for your child to breast feed soon enough. 

If you have a craving for sushi, it is recommended that you try grilling or smoking the fish before consuming it to help lower the risk of bacteria that may cause unnecessary complications. Similarly, if you are unsure of the fish that is being prepared for your consumption, switch to a vegetarian sushi that is much safer to consume. If you are still interested in placing an order for the traditional form of sushi, it is recommended that you dine at a restaurant of good repute, where you know that the food is prepared with complete authenticity and in the most hygienic conditions. The ultimate decision on whether you should eat sushi while breast feeding your child, will lie with you and placing your child’s health above everything else should help in the decision that you make.

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