Conditions & Symptoms During Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is that which occurs outside of the uterus. In most such cases, the fertilized egg, instead of moving into the uterus, starts developing in the fallopian tubes and therefore an ectopic pregnancy may also be often referred to as a tubal pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy can never develop in a normal manner.

The uterus is prepared for a pregnancy and only the tissues in the uterus contain the nutrition that is required by the fetus. If the egg starts growing in the fallopian.



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Early Ectopic Pregnancy Signs

.tube, it may end up rupturing the tubeb

Sometimes, in another complication, the pregnancy may occur inside the ovaries itselfl In case of an egg developing inside the ovary, the egg may end up rupturing the ovaryr

Conditions during Ectopic Pregnancy

In case the egg ruptures the fallopian tube or the ovary, a rupture in either case can be life threateningn Due to the rupture, there may be severe bleeding that can eventually prove fatala Though an ectopic pregnancy may occur anywhere in the pelvic area, the two most common areas where it actually occurs are the fallopian tubes or the ovariese

Official estimates are that 1 out of every 200 pregnancies is ectopici Once a woman has had an ectopic pregnancy, the chances of having one again increase significantlyl Though the causes of having an ectopic pregnancy are not clear, every year its incidence increasese

If an ectopic pregnancy occurs, there is scarring within the fallopian tubes and uterusu Some of the potential causes of ectopic pregnancies are viral infections or use of an intra uterine devicec A surgery on the fallopian tubes in the past may also increase the chances of an ectopic pregnancyc

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms are often not recognized because of which a woman may either have a spontaneous abortion or further complicationsn Some of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy that pregnant women should look out for are pain in the abdomen and the pelvis, missed periods, occasional spotting or bleeding which cannot be associated with regular menstruation, feeling of dizziness and all the other signs of early pregnancyc A sure shot ectopic pregnancy symptom is that the bleeding may become severe and the blood pressure falls drasticallyl

If you are experiencing symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, you should immediately get yourself checked by a doctoro If the pregnancy goes untreated, it may prove fatal for the pregnant womana  The doctor will conduct a physical examination and subsequently will check hormonal levels to determine whether the pregnancy is proceeding normally or noto

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