Ways to Calculate Your Baby's Growth Pattern and Length

Children do not follow an identical growth pattern or rate. The manner and nature in which children grow varies from one child to the next. This is why some children gain height faster as compared to others. However, the rate at which a child grows does not reflect his or her health status in any way.

Some babies drop approximately five to ten percent of their birth weight. In the initial months, babies that are breast fed tend to be heavier as compared to babies that are bottle fed. Then, during the first year, the children that were bottle fed generally become heavier than the ones that were breast fed.


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Hence the growth rate of a child does not have a set path to follow. Six months after birth, a child’s built will largely depend on characteristics that have been inherited from his or her parents.

Baby's Growth percentile calculator tool

A baby growth percentile calculator is a tool that is utilized to monitor a child’s growth regularly. Baby growth chart may be useful, but they are only a part of assessing a child's well being and health. A baby weight percentile calculator aims at calculating the child’s weight percentile in relation to their age. The calculator takes into consideration the child’s age, weight and length, and based on these factors it then determines the percentile value. This percentile basically compares an infant’s weight with other infants, who fall in the same category. The percentile will tell you the percentage of infants who weigh lesser than your baby. To cite an example, out of 100 babies, a reading of forty percent (this is the percentile value) indicates that the child weighs lesser than sixty other babies and more than forty other babies. The mean or average weight is fifty percent. A value that reads below 50% indicates that the child’s weight is lower than the average. Thus, a value that is above 50% indicates that the child is above average. Read more on baby growth spurts

Baby's length percentile calculator

Similarly a baby length percentile calculator helps to graph your child’s length. It will take the same factors into consideration (age, length and weight) and will then determine what the child’s length is when compared to other infants. The manner of reading the values remains the same, with 50% being the average. Generally, as long as the child follows their growth curve in a manner that they are supposed to and all measurements are in place, there is no reason for one to get worried. Watching a child grow during the first few years is one of the most exciting experiences any parent could have. There are so many visible changes that take place, as the child grows, that give you memories to cherish. There are a number of people who would like to track the growth of their children, and to do this, they make use of a baby growth percentile calculator. The calculator helps to check the growth of your child in comparison to other children of the same age group, across a specific region of the globe. Calculating the baby percentile of growth is not a difficult task because percentile calculators are easily available over the internet. The calculation is based on a collection of data from many children, following which the average growth rate is calculated for children of that specific age group.

There are various forms of growth calculators available over the internet, along with other paraphernalia that can help you chart the growing stages of your child. A baby percentile chart by week allows you to keep track of the weekly development of your baby, by giving you information on the specific week of growth and the milestones that your child should have achieved. Again, these should not be taken as literal expectations of what your child should have achieved, but should be used as guidelines to track development and growth. There are instances where children will not achieve a number of milestones for quite some time, and then all of a sudden, achieve a number of milestones over a span of a few days. On the other hand, there are children who will achieve a number of milestones early and then will stop for a while. Baby percentile chart calculators also give you room to note down the specific achievements of your child so that you can have a record of all the milestones that have been achieved. However, baby percentile chart calculators must also be used as guidelines.

A baby height percentile calculator works along the similar lines as that of a growth percentile calculator.

Data is collected from various children across the region and then an average reading is calculated. Again, race plays a very important part in calculating height percentiles. Genetic inheritance of height is also another important factor because children born to tall parents will fall in a height percentile of taller children, while children born to short parents will tend to be shorter in height. Again, children born in European countries tend to be taller than those born in the far Eastern regions of the world. The climatic differences and geographical locations of countries also determine the growth percentile of children. Children who are not tall may suddenly shoot up and grow taller during their teenage years. And therefore, parents who feel that their children are not growing according to the percentile calculator readings should not get too worried.

A baby weight percentile calculator by week works on the concept of growth being tracked with each week of development. It lets you know the weigh that your baby should acquire with each passing week of development. This calculator is also dependent on a number of varying factors, such as geographical location and climatic conditions. Areas which have lower temperatures find children who are heavier because they tend to eat more than children living in warmer locations. A child with good health will also tend to be heavier than a child who is unwell. All percentile calculators must be used as guidelines and should not cause parents any worry over the growth of their children. Parents will be able to tell if their child is not showing good signs of growth and in such cases, it is advisable that you seek medical advice. A baby percentile calculator would require you, as a parent, to fill in details such as the date of birth and weight of the child at birth, before it can give you an approximate calculation of what your baby’s growth should be. Once you have found out what percentile of growth your child fits into, you can then keep a check on finer sensory – motor development and growth. There are a number of parents, who after checking with the percentile baby growth, find that their children are lower than the average percentile baby and begin to get worried that something is wrong. It must be remembered that children from different regions across the globe tend to have different characteristics of growth. For example, children of Asian origin are much smaller in comparison to children from the European region. The percentile calculator is based on data collected from a specific place and need not necessarily be accurate when it comes to calculating growth percentiles of other children.

To cite another example, the growth percentile calculator 4 year old child from the United States of America may be much larger than a child of the same age from India. The foods consumed in European countries have much more nutrition value than foods consumed in the Indian subcontinent, plausibly explaining the difference in growth between children of the same age from these respective geographical locations. Besides this, race also has a very important part to play in growth. East Asian children are much smaller in size than those from Central Asia and this is because the people from these regions are so built. Most European based growth percentile calculator baby weights are on the heavier side and this can cause a certain amount of worry. Though it is good that children are well built and heavy, sometimes, overweight can cause a lot of problems, especially during the early years. Obese children tend to contract a number of breathing disorders which cause a lot of discomfort, and is worrying for the parents. According to growth percentile calculators, breastfed babies are among the healthiest because the nutrition gained from breast milk is the best for growth. It must be remembered that percentile calculator children growth is an average reading taken from a group of children and does not necessarily mean that your child is not growing well. As a parent, you will best be able to assess the amount of growth that has taken place and whether the development of your child is according to the growth.

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