Breastfed Toddler Growth Chart

Submitted by Nick on February 1, 2012

During a pregnancy, the expectant mother needs to take god care of her health for the safety of the child that she carries in her womb. Taking good care of her health is inclusive of eating nourishing food that will contain the vital nutrients required for the baby’s body, to enable and facilitate good development. A toddler needs all the nourishment he or she can get so as to grow well and achieve all the necessary milestones. The best known form of nutrition for any toddler is breast milk which is made up of an ideal blend of all the vital nutrients.


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There are a number of charts available over the internet and at medical stores, which will act as a guideline to keep a check on the growth and developmental stages of your toddler. A breastfed toddler growth chart will enable you to track the approximate weight gained by your child as time passes by.

There is a distinct difference in the growth charts of toddlers who are breast fed and those who are not. The primary reason for this is the fact that breast milk carries a lot of nutrition and is vital for growth and development. A breastfed toddlers bmi or body mass index can be calculated with the help of bmi calculators that are also available over the internet. They work on the basis of a specific formula and can be made us of at no charge, whatsoever.

The breast fed toddler growth percentile is calculated after having collected data from various families with toddlers in a specific region. It helps you place your toddler in a certain percentile category after having taken information on his age, number of feeds per day and current weight. Although a percentile calculator helps you place your child in a specific category, they are not really accurate. The breastfed toddler weight chart and percentile chart is based on data collected from a specific region and cannot be used as a benchmark for children all over the world. Children in the European region have a larger bmi as compared to children from the Asian and African regions. The quality of food and the climatic conditions causes a number of variations in the growth percentiles of children from these varying regions.

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