What to Expect During 32 Week of Pregnancy?

(January 4, 2011)

Pregnancy and child care can be one of the most trying periods for an expectant mother. However, it is also one that fills her with amazement and wonder at the process of reproduction and the ability that she has, in being able to give birth. From the time that a mother conceives her child, to the time that she delivers the baby, there are a number of changes that take place within her body, and even more changes that take place within the fetus, till it becomes a fully formed being. As the baby develops within the womb, the mother will find herself undergoing various physical changes to help with accommodating the growing child. Also see 32 weeks pregnant ultrasound

During pregnancy week 32 what to expect is not really unknown to mothers. The baby would weigh next to three and a half pounds and would measure approximately seventeen inches in length. Through an ultrasound, you may even be able to notice that your child’s fingernails have grown to cover the tips of the fingers and that the baby is now moving in to a position that is ready for delivery. The head moves downward, toward the opening of the uterus and the baby is in the fetal position. You may also notice that your baby smiles occasionally and even sticks out his or her tongue from time to time. As you near pregnancy week 32 baby movements are also more prominent.

Since the mother has experienced considerable amounts of weight gain and changes in body size during the pregnancy, it is common for her to experience lower back pains during the 32nd week of pregnancy. During this time, she should be careful not to walk around too much because the centre of gravity has shifted and she may lose her balance and fall. The safety of both, mother and child is the primary concern at this point of time, and it is essential that the expectant mother gets enough rest. Overexertion and unnecessary movement could cause complications even at this late stage, and should be avoided. During the 32nd week of pregnancy, since you are just about ready to go into labor, you may find yourself experiencing a certain amount of difficulty in breathing. At this time, it is important that you learn various breathing techniques that will allow you to relax. These breathing techniques are invaluable and will also help you to go through labor without much difficulty. Eating healthy food is recommended because your body requires all the nutrition it can get before you go through the process of childbirth.

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