What to Expect During 37 Week of Pregnancy?

(January 4, 2011)

Many women who are in their third trimester and are slowly nearing labor are very keen to know what to expect during 37 week of pregnancy. Before knowing what to expect during 37 week of pregnancy, one should understand that by week 37 the pregnancy is now considered it be a “term” pregnancy and one would typically not be able to stop labor. As per the pregnancy week 37 what to expect pregnancy calendar that one may access over the internet or even maintain with the help of their doctor, during pregnancy week 37, the baby will have started to practice breathing by inhaling the amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb. Sometimes the baby may even get hiccups which are felt by the mother along with the kicks and other such movements of the baby. In order to know what to expect during 37 week of pregnancy one should realize that the baby now weighs 6.5 pounds approximately and is also about 21 inches in length. Read more on 37 weeks pregnant what to expect

As the pregnant woman enters 37 week of pregnancy, she is said to be in the final stages of the pregnancy and should expect to go into labor anytime soon. Since the baby has almost completed its full term of the normal gestational period, there is a good chance that the baby will not be underweight. Additionally the layers of fat that add onto the baby’s skin also tend to provide the baby with protection in the first few days after its birth till it gets accustomed to being outside the mother’s warm womb. Many women are also keen on knowing what to eat during week 37 of pregnancy however they should not be overly concerned about the weight gain and eat moderate amounts of healthy foods as the baby is solely dependent on the mother for its nutrition. In fact some women are even known to lose a few pounds of weight as they enter into week 37 of their pregnancy. While preparing for what to expect during 37 week of pregnancy, the pregnant woman should bear in mind that from week 37 onwards there would typically be no more growth in the size of the uterus. In fact at week 37 of pregnancy the uterus will be around 6.5 inches above ones belly button. During week 37 of pregnancy some women may even notice an increase in their vaginal discharge and could experience Braxton Hicks contraction which are all signs of approaching labor.

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