what should be the weight in 22 weeks during pregnancy?

(May 27, 2010)

Pregnancy Week 22 Weight Gain

Every woman wants what is best for her baby and this often causes anxiety over whether they have put on too little or too much weight. Make sure that you follow a healthy diet but do not get overly anxious about your weight. Discuss your diet with your doctor and place your trust in her/him as your doctor is the best guide when it comes to nutrition during pregnancy. Enjoy your pregnancy, relax and de-stress and all in all enjoy this time that you have just for yourself and your baby. You will have the rest of your life to share your child with the world, but these are special intimate moments that you should not waste with unnecessary worrying. Each woman is unique in terms of her body weight to height ratio, the percentage of fat to muscle ratio, and several other factors. In the same way, weight gain during pregnancy varies from woman to woman and even from one pregnancy to the next. This means that it is not necessary that you will gain the same amount of weight for your second or third pregnancy as you did for your first.

Experts agree that if you had a healthy body mass index or BMI before you got pregnant, you should gain about 25 to 35 pounds during your pregnancy. This can be broken down into a weight gain of 1-5 pounds for your first trimester, followed by an approximate weight gain of 1 pound per week for the remainder of your pregnancy. You can use an online BMI calculator to calculate your BMI. If you are underweight, it would be ideal if you gained approximately 40 pounds and if you were overweight, it would be best if you gained no more than 20 pounds during g your pregnancy.

By week 22 of a pregnancy, a baby generally weighs about 12.3 ounces. At this point your baby can hear and respond to melody and rhythm and so you can sing to him/her on a daily basis. Singing to your baby on a daily basis will allow familiarization and so after your child is born, your singing will be a familiar sound to help calm him/her in this new environment. You can also set some time aside maybe before you go to be when your partner can sing to your baby. This will help to strengthen the bonds between the three of you and will help your child to interact more easily with their father once he/she is born.

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