How common is it to have period like cramps but actually be pregnant?

(April 15, 2010)

A pregnancy comes with numerous changes and most women are often left confused with trying to figure out what is normal and what isn’t. Since the menstrual cycle ceases for the term of the pregnancy, period like cramps are one of these issues that most women find difficult to understand.

A certain amount of abdominal pain, and at times bleeding, is absolutely normal during pregnancy. At the time of implantation, an expectant mother may feel some sort of discomfort which may be accompanied by spotting or streaking as a result of the embryo embedding itself into the uterine wall. This happens approximately around a week to a week and a half after ovulation or around the same time as a normal period would be due. With the passage of time, abdominal cramps during pregnancy may be experienced from time to time as the uterus stretches to accommodate the baby growing within. This exerts pressure on the ligaments that support the uterus and hold it in place. Lower abdominal pain on either or both sides of the uterus is common in this case. The strain may gradually spread out to the lower back, thus causing lower back pain similar to that experienced during menstruation. Some women also experience abdominal cramping from time to time as their uterus falls forward instead of backwards. In addition to these possibilities, many women are faced with the problem of indigestion. This often leads to constipation or a buildup of gas in the body. These are two of the most common factors that contribute to cramping in the abdominal area and leaves women in much anxiety.

However, it is essential to bear in mind that mild, occasional abdominal cramping may be normal but persistent pain in the abdomen may be indicative of a serious underlying problem. When a pregnancy is in danger of ending in a loss, lower abdominal and lower back pain are warning signs that point to a miscarriage. Cramps recurring at regular intervals may indicate that a miscarriage is in progress. An ectopic pregnancy is another cause of period like cramping. This occurs when the embryo embeds itself in the fallopian tube instead of completing its journey into the uterus for implantation. This can lead to numerous medical problems if left unattended to. Whatever the severity of the cramps, it is always better to clear your doubts by consulting your gynecologist; especially if you have a gut-feeling that something isn’t right. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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