What are the chances of getting pregnant after having 2 miscarriages?

(March 17, 2010)

A miscarriage is defined as the process by which a pregnancy ends prematurely resulting in the passing of an unformed fetus. This usually takes place in the first 20 weeks of the pregnancy and can be caused by numerous factors.

A miscarriage has several effects on the woman. The initial stage is characterized by bleeding, abdominal pain and a change in the vaginal discharge. Once these symptoms subside, a woman is likely to have her period within 4 to 6 weeks of the miscarriage. This is an indication of a return to normalcy for the woman’s reproductive system. However, if there is no period or the bleeding continues after the first few days, visit your doctor to have a thorough examination.

The factors that cause a miscarriage are varied and cannot be attributed to one single cause or factor. In some cases, it is the natural reaction of the body to abort an unviable fetus. It is likely also to be caused by the fetus not forming properly, forcing the body to abort it naturally.

When a miscarriage takes place, it could be a missed abortion, where the fetus stops developing but the body does not abort the fetus. The fetus may remain for weeks in the uterus before a miscarriage is detected. Another type of miscarriage is called ‘blighted ovum’ where the sac forms for a fetus but there is no fetus growing in it. The third, and dangerous, type of a miscarriage is an ectopic pregnancy where the fetus begins forming in the fallopian tubes. This is dangerous to the mother and must be treated immediately.

Having a miscarriage does not mean that you are not capable of having a child. More than 80% of couples that experience a miscarriage have a successful second pregnancy and this number is more than 75% for couples who have experienced two miscarriages. The chances of conception, in the case of a double miscarriage, are as high as they would be in the same woman prior to her first miscarriage. It is, of course, recommended to have a thorough check up to make sure that there is no underlying condition in the mother that is causing the miscarriage. If this is confirmed by your doctor, the chances of further pregnancy should be unaffected in the long term.  

It is possible to conceive almost immediately after a miscarriage, so couple should be aware of this and use contraception if they wish to avoid pregnancy for a few months.

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