Spotting at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 24, 2012

Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating as well as perplexing stages in the life of a woman. This is said since, during this phase a woman’s body goes through so many changes that it becomes difficult to distinguish normal from unusual experiences.

One of the major areas of concern for any expectant mother is spotting experienced during pregnancy. This is mainly true because we all know that the cessation of...


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...menstrual periods or vaginal bleeding is a sure sign of pregnancy, in most cases. Hence, any form of bleeding could cause a lot of distress to any pregnant woman.

Spotting at 8 weeks pregnant indicates that the pregnancy has been compromised to a certain extent and that some damage has been sustained by the developing fetus. There are a number of reasons that attribute to spotting during a pregnancy, the primary of these being carelessness on the part of the expectant couple. During the first trimester, expectant mothers are told to be extremely careful about all that they do. Lifting weights, sudden movements and pressure placed on the abdominal region lead to excessive pressure on the fetus, causing it to be damaged. Brown spotting at 8 weeks pregnant shows that damage to the fetus has been sustained at an earlier period of time and the symptom is showing up much later. Irrespective of the type of bleeding that is experienced, or the color of the blood that is discharged from the vagina, it is important that you speak with your doctor and seek further medical advice on what is to be done.

Light spotting at 8 weeks pregnant cannot be passed off or ignored, and will be of crucial importance to the progress of your pregnancy. Informing your doctor that you have experienced spotting will be of great help in attempting to save the life of your unborn child. Your doctor may ask you to undertake an ultrasound test to check the damage that has been suffered by the fetus. However, the moment you realize that you are spotting, it is imperative that you remain calm and lie down immediately to avoid any further damage caused by panic. Pink spotting at 8 weeks pregnant could cause you to become hysterical out of fear for the safety of your baby, but you need to remain calm and keep your pressure under control, failing which the damage sustained by your developing baby could be immense.

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