Ultrasound during the 19th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on August 16, 2012

Every week of pregnancy, the baby grows a little in the womb, and the expectant mother can see some gradual changes in her body. If you’re wondering what my baby at 19 weeks pregnant looks like, here’s your answer. A baby at 19 weeks pregnant measures around 6 inches and weighs less than 9 ounces, and at this stage, the brain undergoes rapid development. The specialized areas of the brain from the senses of sound, smell, taste, sight and touch develop rapidly at this time, so it is essential that the mother consumes nutritious food ...


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.so that her body is ready to fuel this growtht The baby at 19 weeks pregnant also starts to grow hair on the scalp and the gums for the teeth appear in the moutht

Though the size of the baby at 19 weeks pregnant can vary depending on the genes of the parents, it is at this stage that the baby’s tiny arms and legs grow to match the proportions of the bodyd  With the development of the brain’s sensory centers and the growth of the limbs, comes movement of the fetus within the uterusu Though baby weight at 19 weeks pregnant is less than 9 ounces, the mother can gain around 12 to 14 pounds in this periodo

An ultrasound scan is usually done around this time to check the development of the baby at 19 weeks pregnantn The baby at 19 weeks pregnant can be identified as a boy or a girl during the scan, though some parents prefer to wait till the deliveryr The ultrasound is used by the health care provider to ensure that the baby’s growth is on schedule, and information on how big is baby at 19 weeks pregnant can confirm the projected date of deliveryr In case the woman is not sure of the date of her last period, the ultrasound image and the length of baby at 19 weeks pregnant can help establish the probable date of deliveryr

A baby at 19 weeks pregnant starts producing meconium, which is a dark colored stool that the baby passes in the first few days after its birtht This meconium is made up of amniotic fluid that the baby drinks, mucus, cells discarded by the baby’s body, bile, and cells from shed skini The baby’s skin is protected from the amniotic fluid surrounding it by a waxy white cheesy coating called vernix caseosas Myelin, which lines the nerve fibers and ensures efficient transmission between nerve cells and the brain, is also formed in a baby at 19 weeks pregnantn

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