Reasons For Postpartum Bleeding Odor & Preventing It

Submitted by Nick on August 9, 2012

The recovery period after the delivery of a child is called postpartum. During this period, the mother’s body goes through a number of changes as it slowly regains its original form. This is mainly true in the case of the uterus which gradually shrinks to its original size so as to prepare itself for future pregnancies. Postpartum bleeding is one of the main symptoms of this preparatory process. Right through the pregnancy term, the baby draws all its nourishment through the ...


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...placenta which is embedded in the uterine wall. Immediately after birth, as the final leg of labor, the placenta dislodges from the uterine wall and is passed out through the vagina. This leaves a wound on the uterine wall and it takes a few days for it to heal completely. As the uterus shrinks, the exposed surface reduces and so does the bleeding, going from a bright red to a pinkish tinge and ending in a thick discharge. Along with the blood, remaining placental tissue, uterine tissue and blood clots are also eliminated from the uterus. This whole process may take three to six weeks. See also postpartum bleeding black

Postpartum bleeding generally has a mild odor that is not very noticeable. Many women are known to imagine postpartum bleeding - foul odor as they become very conscious about their bodies after childbirth. The use of a sanitary pad during this period is inevitable since tampons are not recommended postpartum. The main cause of postpartum bleeding odor is the use of a single sanitary pad for a long period of time. Many women tend to change a pad only when it is full. However, changing a sanitary pad every 4 to 5 hours is recommended so as to prevent the chances of the growth of microbes that could be responsible for infection and an unpleasant odor. This also helps in maximizing personal hygiene at a period as crucial as this. Washing yourself properly after every visit to the toilet is recommended to minimize postpartum bleeding scent. Avoid undergarments that are known to trap sweat which in turns leaves behind an unpleasant odor. Postpartum bleeding smell accompanied by itching or a burning sensation could be caused by a urinary tract infection such as a yeast infection. Postpartum, the body is still recuperating from the strain of childbirth and the immune system is compromised. This makes the spread of infection easier. Consulting your doctor is recommended so as to avoid any related medical complications. Also read postpartum bleeding bright red blood

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