Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

Submitted by Nick on August 13, 2012

There are several changes that take place in a woman’s body, right from the initial stages of pregnancy. Because some of the changes are so subtle, most women require at least a week or two, in order to realize that they are pregnant. This is because the most common symptom of pregnancy, which women tend to look out for, is a missed period. However, there are several pregnancy symptoms before a missed period too that can let woman know that she is pregnant many of these early pregnancy symptoms appear around a week before a missed period.


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Some of the common pregnancy symptoms before missed period are backache, upper back pain, lower back pain and cramping.

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period: backache

This is one of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy, which can help a woman identify if she is pregnant or not. Backaches usually occur during pregnancy, because of the loosening in the ligaments, as the body tries to accommodate the growing baby.

In some women, this symptom could be a mere annoyance, whereas in others the pain could be severe. Some women can try exercises like Yoga or Pilates to alleviate the backache caused by pregnancy, after consulting a doctor.

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period: lower back pain

Many pregnant women notice pain in the lower back area during the early stages of pregnancy, even before a missed period. Generally, the pain in the lower back reduces on changing the posture.

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period: upper back pain

Upper back pain is more common during the later stages of pregnancy, but several women can face this problem during the first month too. The best way to deal with this problem is by wearing loose and comfortable clothing and choosing a supportive bra, without an under-wire.

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period: cramping

Cramping during the initial stages of pregnancy can make women think that they are just about to start a period. This symptom is usually evident during the first one or two weeks of pregnancy. Though uncomfortable and frightening, this is a normal symptom, as long as it is not accompanied by bleeding.

In case a woman notices pregnancy symptoms before missed period like backache, cramping or any others, it is best to take a pregnancy test, which can help confirm the pregnancy. However, at times, home pregnancy kits may show a negative response, in case the test is conducted too early. There is no hard and fast rule that all pregnant women will experience the same pregnancy symptoms before missed period like backache or cramping. Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, there are many other early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period too, which could include lethargy, tiredness, tenderness in the breasts, dizziness, nausea, increased urination, higher body temperature, abdominal bloating, darkening of the skin and food aversions or cravings.

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