Implantation Symptoms after IUI

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

An IUI, or intra uterine insemination, may often be performed to achieve a pregnancy. The IUI is a procedure in which the sperm is placed into the uterus through an intrauterine catheter. Pregnancy is far more likely to occur when the sperm is placed directly inside the womb so that it does not have to find its own way. The implantation symptoms after an IUI procedure are not different from what the symptoms would have been in a normal pregnancy. If the IUI procedure has been a success, implantation bleeding after IUI may occur. Implantation bleeding is usually the first symptom to appear. However, not all women experience it.


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There are many women who might not experience implantation bleeding at all. A lot of times, the first implantation signs after IUI, especially the implantation bleeding, may be confused with spotting due to periods.

The bleeding usually happens when the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall.

This usually takes place six to twelve days after conception has taken place. Apart from the spotting, you may also experience slight cramping in the leg muscles. The second most apparent implantation symptom after and IUI is a delay in your period. If you miss your period, it means that the IUI was successful. In a lot of cases, the delay of periods may be due to stress or other hormonal problems; however, this is most likely due to the success of the IUI. To confirm a pregnancy, you can take a home pregnancy test. If you have occasional spotting or bleeding, it is very common. You can talk to your medical care provider if you are concerned about the bleeding.

Another prominent symptom of implantation after your IUI procedure is the tenderness in the breasts. Although this can be also the indication of the onset of menstruation, tenderness in breasts without menstruation usually means that the procedure was a success. If your period is late and your breasts feel swollen and uncomfortable, take the home pregnancy test to confirm. If the IUI procedure has been successful, you will feel extremely fatigued throughout the day. This is not a classic symptom of the procedure and can be attributed to many other things, including the stress of worrying about your pregnancy. However, if you have high levels of progesterone in your body, it is most likely going to make you very sleepy and fatigued.

There is no implantation treatment after IUI procedures. If you are feeling uncomfortable about something, feel free to talk to your health care provider.

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