What are the Signs of Vomiting In Toddlers

Toddler vomiting may not be a very new phenomenon. However, the treatment of vomiting in toddlers is much different from that in older children or adults. Usually vomiting is a sign of a stomach upset or a stomach disorder.

In fact, toddlers may vomit even when they are sick with the flu or a viral disease.

Toddler Vomiting Symptoms

Since your child is so young, seeing them vomit may get you very concerned about them. However, it is important for you as a parent to be extremely cautious and careful when reacting to your toddler’s vomit.


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The first logical thing is to call your doctor and discuss your child’s symptoms. Is the toddler also experiencing diarrhea, fever or stomach pain? You may think that toddler vomit is not a big thing but it could be an indication of worms or other parasites in your child’s system.

If your child doesn’t have any additional symptoms, it may just mean that your toddler ate something that was not supposed to be eaten or your toddler is experiencing a stomach upset.  Calling your doctor and discussing the situation is important. Your toddler may even need to visit the doctor for an examination.

Toddler Vomiting Frequently

If your toddler has been vomiting rather frequently, it is important to keep the child hydrated. Vomiting may lead to dehydration and loss of vital electrolytes. To maintain the hydration and electrolyte balance of the body, it is vital that the toddler keeps drinking fluids. You may give your child still or sparkling water. Ginger ale, fresh juice, or lemonade are other fluids that can be given to your child.

A home made oral rehydration solution will work just as well.

If you are planning to give your child any over the counter drugs for vomiting and nausea, discuss it with the doctor first. Self medication for children is never a good idea. Their dosages are different than adults and a lot of time, the medicines prescribed to them are much milder than an adult’s medicines.

Avoid feeding your child till you have visited the doctor and the doctor has said its ok to feed the child. This is because if your child has a stomach upset, feeding will only make the child’s condition worse. In such a case, just give fluids to the child. You may give an ice candy or a popsicle to the child to suck on. The child will enjoy the popsicle as it will soothe the upset stomach and divert his attention till you reach the doctor.

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