Tips for Toddler Sleep Training and It's Patterns

A toddler’s sleep patterns are one of those aspects of being a parent that are quite difficult to get used; more so if you are a first time or single parent. As you would have noticed, most babies and toddlers require a nearly abnormal amount of sleep. The average toddler requires about 15 hours of sleep a day.

This obviously would never be at a stretch and therefore a cause for much trouble since your sleep patterns as an adult are quite rigidly fixed for eight hours at night. Toddlers waking up in the middle of the night might appear to be slightly manageable .



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. In the beginning but will become a cause for concern when the child gets bigger and wanders out of his or her crib at nighth This is where some toddler bed training becomes pretty usefulu As for the sleep part and integrating the child into the proper adult circadian rhythms, this is all a matter of preventing the child from unnecessarily falling off to sleep during the day and ensuring sleep at a certain timem These are called the toddler sleep programsm This involves all kinds of activities like knowing if your child has some kind of genuine problem or is just seeking attention as well as sleeping inducing techniques like rocking the toddler to sleepe

Toddler Sleep Training

Sleep in humans is dictated by two hormones that work on the cycle of light and darkness or the circadian rhythmh

Through the course of the day, a hormone called adenosine is created in the body and builds to a high levele When the adenosine build up corresponds to darkness, the pineal gland will start to secrete a substance called melatonini This combined effect will cause sleepiness and actual sleep as welll Toddlers usually end up waking in the middle of the night because their rhythms are different from yoursr You probably don’t even get a siesta in the evening and if you did your bed time may not necessarily even changeg However, you can imagine what would happen if your did have a siesta and overslept for a few hours, your bedtime would then have to shift to ensure that you get back to rhythmh As far as preventing a child from injuring itself in the middle of night goes, when the child is able to climb out of its crib, then it is usually time for the child to move to a bed

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