Imagination - The Key to Parenting Preschoolers

Parenting preschoolers needs a lot of imagination. Preschoolers have developing imaginations that they use in understanding their world around them. They use imagination to fill in all the gaps that they are unable to comprehend. Hence one of the main parenting tips for preschoolers is using one’s imagination.

Parenting preschool children also means having plenty of answers available for all the questions a child may have. Children have lots of questions from why is the sky so blue etc. Hence as the parent the child expects all his answers ready. The best way is to be as direct and straightforward as possible when dealing with a child.


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Always stick to the truth, do not prevaricate. It avoids complications and confusion developing a child.

But remember to keep the answers simple. Another parenting advice for preschoolers is patience. Preschoolers are normally very eager to learn new things and to know about everything that is surrounding them. But their vocabularies are limited and their attention span is limited too. Hence when dealing with their queries and concerns parents and care givers need to have a lot of patience. At that age they also like repetition. Hence be prepared for the same questions being asked many times over. The more the parent takes time out to spend with a child, answering all their numerous questions, the more secure and confident does the child feel. This is also to help to build the child's vocabulary and understanding.

One should also be able to be sympathetic about a preschooler's problems and worries no matter how small they are. A parent really needs to listen and be there for the child through what can be a trying time for a child.

Parenting Tips For Preschoolers

Preschoolers love to imitate grownups and dress and act like one. Allowing the child to dress up and participating in their games can be a great way to spend time with your child. It is necessary to lay a few ground rules for your child. So as a parent one has to be as firm as possible. Reinforce these rules whenever required. Do not set different rules for yourself and for your child as this can be confusing from a child's perspective. Another preschooler tip is to get your child educational toys to play with. They are fun and the child learns at the same time. Try and restrict a child's television time as much as possible.

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