9 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

Many pregnant women tend to start observing changes in their abdomen while they are just 9 weeks pregnant. The 9 weeks pregnant belly starts showing because the abdomen of the mother starts expanding to accommodate the growing baby. For women who are 9 weeks pregnant with their first baby and they hear the term “showing” they should understand that the term pregnant belly showing basically refers to a way of telling the world that there is a baby that is slowly being formed in the abdomen of the woman. 9 weeks pregnant belly in case of twins may slightly bigger than a 9 weeks pregnant belly with a single child...


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.Many women with 9 weeks pregnant belly are even in their 2nd pregnancy are known to experience the various symptoms of pregnancy such as feeling swollen or bloated for most of the timem Women in their first trimester with a 9 weeks pregnant belly may also find that they have a lot more gas than usual and as a result of which they could be experiencing flatulence and gasa

Women who are with a 9 weeks pregnant belly should not be concerned because these are all normal symptoms of pregnancy and they mostly occur because the increase in the levels of certain hormones especially that of progesteronen A woman with a 9 weeks pregnant belly should also be aware that at this stage of the pregnancy the baby is also undergoing a lot of changese At 9 weeks pregnant the baby will be almost 20 to 30 mm in length which should be approximately the size of a big grapep  9 weeks pregnant belly will also start expanding because at this stage the baby starts growing rapidly as well as undergoes a lot of developmentn At 9 weeks pregnant the baby is just about less than an ounce in weight but will be gaining weight rapidly as the pregnancy progressese A 9 weeks pregnant belly will be accommodating a baby that is growing physically in terms of the baby’s head, arms legs and overall body sizez In fact at 9 weeks pregnant the baby’s organs as well as the limbs will start forming and will gradually begin to function on their own as welll The baby inside a 9 weeks pregnant belly will also have developed eyelids that tend to cover the eyes completely although they are still fused shut and will open only in the later stages of developmentn

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