Tips for selecting toddler bath toys

Submitted by Jenifer on May 17, 2013

Toddlers are exploratory by nature and often fearless. You need to be able to stimulate your toddler adequately while keeping the whole process safe for him. That’s where toys come into the picture. The trick of toys for toddlers is that the toys should be able to entertain, teach and of course, above everything, be safe for repeated and rough play.


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Bath toys are primarily of two types – the rubber duck variety that float and provide useful company to your toddler during his bath and toys with various channels like tunnels and paths like ships and trucks which help your toddler learn things about water while playing with his bath toys.

Your toddler’s toys need to grow with your toddler. The toys should be able to cater to short attention span too.

It should attract him every time he sees it. So whether it is a box of building blocks or a reusable slate, you need to consider different options while buying him toys. You need to consider toys for improving his memory, his motor skills, his creativity, and of course, even his reading skills. Cross generational toys or toys that you and your toddler can enjoy together are also great toys to consider while buying him bath toys.

Let’s look at some tips for selecting and maintaining toddler bath toys.

  • Bath toys need to be relatively pliable, bright and safe for a child – whether it is the material or the colour or the shape.
  • Bath time toys are made of material safe for children to use in their baths. Since there are specific toys meant for a bath, avoid interchanging your toddler’s toys. Use special bath time toys for his bath, specially designed toys for sleep time and other toys for play time.
  • Alternating bath toys helps retain the interest for the toddlers.
  • You need to remember to wash and clean your toddler’s bath toys separately.
  • If the bath toys are the kind that retains water, wash those toys once a week or once in ten days in a special solution of chlorine mixed with water, in the proportion of 1:15.
  • While cleaning the bath toys is important, letting them dry completely is also important. Air-dry the toys or dry them under direct sunlight.

This is important for cloth toys and for plastic toys. Bacteria are very easily developed in such toys and drying these toys properly keeps them at bay.

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