Toddler Behavior Modification: Chart, Diet and Therapy

Toddler behavior modification refers to the change in behavior that is usually practiced by children in social circles, that is more acceptable to society than the behavior pattern that is presently practiced. Children tend to get restless easily and seek the attention of those around them by various patterns of behavior that are not socially acceptable.

Causing harm to a sibling, or destruction of objects around them are the most common behavior patterns that toddlers follow when attention is sought. Back answering, whining and complete disobedience to instructions given are other behavior patterns that need immediate modification.


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Toddler behavior modification chart

A toddler behavior modification chart is a method used to track positive development in behavior patterns. The behavior chart will have markings or other forms of reward, such as stickers or stars that help a child to see that an improvement in his or her behavior will bring in rewards. Distracting toddlers from socially unacceptable behavior is one of the best recommended methods of behavior modification. Giving children a valid reason for not being allowed to do something is much better than just telling them that the particular action cannot be done. Telling a child that a hot pan should not be touched sparks interest and will cause them to find out for themselves why the particular action is forbidden. Telling them that a hot pan should not be touched because it will cause pain after getting burnt, will keep them wary and will provide better results.

Toddler behavior modification diet

Diet also plays an important role in children’s behavior patterns and a toddler behavior modification diet is recommended to lower your toddler’s state of hyperactivity. Most foods contain dyes and food colors that are harmful as they alter a toddler’s constitution and cause the child to be irritable and cranky.
As the parent, it is best that you are aware of the foods that cause your toddler to alter his or her behavior, and then eliminate the foods that you feel are causing the damage.

Toddler behavior modification therapy

Toddler behavior modification therapy revolves around the practice of giving rewards for changes in behavior that are socially acceptable. Most parents who use the progress chart feel that it has greatly helped their toddler to calm down and become less irritable through the method of positive reinforcement. It must be advised, though, that a progress chart must be used only to indicate progress and not for negative reinforcement by pulling off stickers or other forms of punishment for unacceptable behavior.

Toddler Behavior Modification
Toddler Behavior Modification
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