Ideas, Themes & Decorations For Baby Shower Occasion

Baby showers have been a popular tradition to celebrate the arrival of a newborn in the family. The party is generally intended to bring together friends and family to celebrate the birth of a new child and also to shower the mother with gifts and ideas for the new phase of life that she is about to enter.

Baby Shower Occasion

In earlier times, it was held only for the mother-to-be and only women attended.


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Across the world, it is celebrated with some variations in honor of expectant mothers, where elderly women or women who are already mothers share their wisdom and experiences regarding childbirth and childcare. It was usually done for the first born, but it is now done for every child in the family. Today men are also invited to a baby shower. Baby showers have become a special occasion for everyone to come together and are celebrated with various baby shower themes and baby shower games to make it more fun. It is common for the mother to receive gifts, mostly whatever is needed for the baby. However, today it is also not uncommon to pick up gifts like spa treatment vouchers or massage vouchers that are meant for the parents.

Rules for Baby Showers

There are actually no rules as to who should host and organize the baby shower and where it needs to be held. It can be organized by a close friend, by your family, or by you and your partner. You can talk to your partner and discuss baby shower ideas . You can also ask friends who have had baby showers before for baby shower tips.

The party usually lasts about two hours.

You can introduce the guests to one another, and when most of the guests have arrived, games can be held. These games serve as good ice-breakers; games such guessing the baby’s gender and date of birth or guessing the baby’s food choices are common. This is also an informational time as facts and myths related to childbirth are shared. Foods, snacks, and drinks can be served to make it merrier.

In case this is your second or third child, you can get the help of the older children to help decorate the house. You can also co-ordinate with a few of your closest friends and have them cook or bake at least some of the food, so that slight personal touches can be added to the dishes.

Decoration during Baby Showers

The home can be decorated according to the chosen theme. You can centre the theme on the baby name choices that you have made. Also, displaying the ultrasound picture of the baby as center piece adds a more personal touch. Flowers of your choice, cartoon pictures that children love, or baby rhymes and lullabies to add to the color scheme of the theme.

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