Unique Ideas For Baby Shower Games

Baby showers can be so much fun to plan as well as to attend. A little thoughtful planning is all it takes to ensure that these events are truly enjoyable. As a host, whether you are the best friend or the sister, it does not matter.

What matters is that you keep the nature of the expecting mother and the people invited in mind. For instance, if most of the guests at the shower are the fun loving type, the host can freely plan an evening of frolic. Bear in mind that not all guests at such a shower like to participate in games.


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This is why the host has to have a bagful of games and can allow the guests a limited option when game time comes around. Also, one shouldn’t use too much arm-bending to get the naturally reserved guests to participate in the unruly games. It might be tempting to get all of the guests involved in all the games, but you simply can’t override their wishes. At the planning stage itself, it might be useful to think of a variety of games – from riotous to the more dignified games that you can imagine the aunts and older women playing. It also helps to have a baby shower theme in mind. For instance, if the theme is time, then the entire selection of games can be altered to revolve around time. Look for unique baby shower games in addition to traditional ones but see that the space that each game demands is available. Another concern is the number of people that each baby shower game can comfortably accommodate.

Best Baby Shower Game Ideas

One baby shower game that can set the tone and decide the fate of the evening is the ice breaker. Since all the guests attending the shower might not be too familiar with each other, this game serves as the starting point for introductions. For instance, you could have human housie played with different variations. You could ask everyone to jot down names of baby shower guests they don’t know in, say, 5 by 3 squares. As you pull out guests’ names from a pouch or bag, have them stand up so everyone gets a s good look, and introduce themselves in as unconventional a manner as possible. Prizes could be awarded for things like the first guest to strike off five names, those who get all names in a row and so on. The best baby shower games are those that get everyone animated and involved.

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