What is termed as Bloody Show During Pregnancy

(June 15, 2010)

Bloody Show During Pregnancy

During the final trimester of pregnancy the start of labor may be indicated by a small amount of vaginal bleeding. There is a mucus plug that is found covering the mouth or the opening of the uterus. Just before or during labor the cervix relaxes and thins thereby dislodging the plug which is thus dropped or passed at the start or just before going into labor. When this plug is dropped, a small amount of blood and mucus is also passed from the cervix along with it. This mucus and bloody secretion is usually stringy and pink or brownish in color. This is commonly known as a “Bloody show” and is fairly common in most women during at the time of labor. A bloody show is considered normal only if it occurs around three weeks before the mother actually goes into labor, however if the mucus plug is dropped before this time period then it is a cause for concern as it may  indicate that the pregnant woman may be going into pre term labor. In such cases the doctor should be contacted immediately. Other symptoms of pre term labor include a low, dull backache, stomach cramps, changes in the vaginal discharge etc.

Early Signs Of Labor

One of the early signs of labor is the effacement or the ripening of the cervix. This involves the gradual softening and thinning of the cervix which won’t be felt by the mother and can only be detected by a qualified medical practitioner. This is usually and indication of the gradual onset of labor. Another common sign of labor is the dilation or the actual opening of the cervix which dilates to a maximum of 10 cms. This dilation of the cervix is gradual and the progress in cms will help determine how far away if actual labor.Like other signs of labor in the initial stages the bloody show is also not a guarantee of the pregnant woman going into labor soon. Actual labor may very well be days or even weeks away.

Before and during pregnancy it is absolutely essential to ensure that there are regular medical checkups conducted by a qualified medical practitioner. This will ensure that everything is progressing smoothly and as planned for both mother and child. It also helps in the early diagnosis of any problems so that they can be attended to before they get escalated to something more serious and critical.

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