Is it safe to use smoking cessation products during pregnancy?

(April 15, 2010)

Pregnancy is a time when a woman has to be extremely cautious about everything that she does, keeping in mind the fact that whatever she does will affect her baby’s health. Smoking is a habit that can cause many complications, especially if continued when a woman is expecting a child. During pregnancy, the body undergoes certain changes which allow the child to grow under favorable conditions. When the body is exposed to certain intoxicants, such as nicotine and alcohol, there are adverse actions taking place within the body itself. One of the major complications that is linked with pregnancy and smoking is fluctuation in the levels of blood pressure. Blood pressure between a mother and her unborn child are directly proportional. If at any time, the mother’s blood pressure records a significant rise, the child in her womb is experiencing similar conditions. A baby’s heart is weak and such a rise in blood pressure could prove fatal.

Smoking cessation products during a pregnancy are helpful to a certain extent. Nicotine patches or chewing gum ensures that you do not inhale smoke into the lungs directly, but still provide the body with the required amounts of nicotine. The inclusion of these intoxicants in the blood stream is not good for the health of the developing child and can have devastating effects. There are many other smoking cessation products that are available over the counter, but each on will have its own effect on the developing fetus.

One of the best recommended ways of giving up smoking during a pregnancy is to make yourself aware of the danger that you are putting your unborn child through, by continuing the habit. Building up a strong will power is not easy, but it needs a lot of time, patience and support. A partner who supports you in your endeavor to give up smoking during a pregnancy is priceless. Usually, partners who are getting an expectant mother to stop smoking, will kick the habit themselves, further benefiting the mother and the unborn child. Exercising is another effective way to quit smoking without the assistance of cessation products. Besides keeping your mind off the urge to smoke, taking a walk in the evening or early morning allows your body to breathe in fresh air and gives you the exercise required for a healthy pregnancy. Taking up a hobby is another effective method of drawing your attention from the urge to smoke, giving you the opportunity to do something that will help to keep you relaxed and busy at the same time.

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