I just tested positive for Polymorphism in relation to my 3 miscarriages.What does this mean in simpler terms?

(March 2, 2010)

A pregnancy that is a success needs fine tuning of what is referred to as fibrinolytic activities. This is to secure the fibrin polymerization and also for the stabilization of the basal plate of the placenta. This is to prevent excess fibrin deposits in the placental carriers and in the intervillous spaces. Fibrinolysis is always strongly monitored by the plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1). Polymorphisms have been known to be linked with ACE and PAI-1 which are the expression levels respectively. A sample study of 184 patients who had a history of either two or more unexplained consecutive spontaneous miscarriages was then compared with another control sample group of about 127 patients who had uneventful term deliveries and also had no known history of miscarriages. Patients who had homozygous for both of the ACE D and PAI-1 4G  expression levels, may get positive results from the application of the low molecular weight called heparin as early in the pregnancy as possible. This helps prevent the uteroplacental microthromboses.

Most of the concerns that women have after they have miscarried is if they will ever be able to conceive again. Pregnancy Miscarriage can be actually more common for the women who have already miscarried before. A possibility of an early pregnancy loss occurs because of many reasons. Some of them include multiple pregnancies having occurred at the same time, the age factor of the mother has to be considered at the time of conceiving. As the mother’s age keeps increasing so also there is the risk of miscarrying Scleroderma is a known disease which is a major factor that results in miscarriage. Smoking or alcohol consumption or drug usages are all factors that can lead to an increase in the risk of miscarriage. Even occupational exposures that occur with any solvents can raise the chances. Molar pregnancies or an earlier missed miscarriage, a tubal pregnancy or an embryo toxic factor are all known to be factors. Doctors normally say that the woman should wait for a minimum period or at least till the first period before she tries to conceive again. Some basic precautions can be done to increase the possibilities of a normal pregnancy these include exercising adequately, reducing or eliminating stress in one’s life, following a nutritious and healthy diet and maintaining one’s weight. If one reduces their alcohol intake and stops smoking then it helps to increase the chances. Folic acid supplements should be taken to increase the chances of a normal development in the baby’s nervous system.

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