Is it safe to give toddler a little chamomile tea for vomiting?

(February 18, 2010)

Chamomile tea is one of the many remedies which have been suggested even for toddlers vomiting. It may be noted that this has a soothing effect and even other herbal teas such as ginger tea. Remember that the child would prefer this warm rather than too hot and these teas usually go easy on an already upset stomach. However, one has to keep in mind the kinds of food and drink that one is currently keeping the toddler on. That is, if the toddler is unaccustomed to tea it would be best to stick to electrolyte solutions and keep the toddler off regular food. Talk to your doctor about introducing herbal teas if you would like to offer your toddler some. It might be prudent to keep the tea light and keep your toddler off milk. Do talk to the pediatrician about this since there are differing opinions about toddler vomiting and the suitability of milk at this time. Some feel that the toddler’s stomach should be given some time without milk in addition to solid foods while other doctors disagree about the use milk. Your toddler might vomit for a variety of reasons but it is most likely some kind of infection that your toddler has caught, such as an intestinal infection.

As mentioned earlier, hydration is what would be necessary for the toddler and aside from the electrolyte solution, one can offer other drinks to the toddler, such as diluted juice. This is because the child might be used to juices and should preferably be done only if the child refuses to drink other clear liquids. Broth is another option which is healthy and would provide the toddler with fluids. One would have to come up with innovative drinks or methods of keeping the little one hydrated. This is because vomiting typically entails an aversion to food and often also to any drink. Thus, you might have to add the electrolyte solution to a diluted glass of juice in order to tempt the toddler to sip a little. Some caregivers try making slushies to ensure that the child drinks the hydrating solution. Remember that the toddler might be cranky and the vomiting could mean that he or she is exceptionally fussy about what to consume so do not force the chamomile tea on the little one. Look for other ways to see that the vomiting does not lead to dehydration and call the doctor if the vomiting persists.

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