Causes of Sore Breasts After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on April 26, 2012

After having been through the process of childbirth, there are a number of changes that are undertaken by the mother’s body, as she regains her original form and size. Along with the physical changes come the hormonal changes that are primarily responsible for the mood swings that she may experience. One of the most common physical changes experienced by all women as a result of pregnancy is the form and size of their breasts after pregnancy. Women will notice that their breast size has increased and this is caused by the functioning of the mammary glands in the breasts themselves. Also read more on postpartum breasts.


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As soon as you start breast feeding your baby, you will find that the sensitivity of the breasts increases. Sore breasts after pregnancy is a common complaint amongst new mothers, but this should not cause too much worry. As the baby continues to suckle and stimulate your breasts, it is difficult to fit into clothes that do not hold big breasts after pregnancy.

Wearing a bra that gives you the correct support will help to shape your breasts and bring them back to their normal stature after a few weeks. Swollen breasts after pregnancy can be rather uncomfortable, as well as cause you a certain amount of embarrassment. However, women should keep in mind the fact that the breasts have a certain purpose, the primary objective being the health and nutrition of the babe that has just been delivered. Small breasts after pregnancy are not unheard of after pregnancy and many people believe that they do not supply enough milk for the nutrition of the child. This, however, may not be true and people must realize that each woman’s body is different from the other.

There are a number of exercises that can be performed in order to shape the breasts during the term of your pregnancy, and literature on suitable massages and exercises are readily available over the internet. After your pregnancy, it is important that you buy yourself bras that offer you comfort as well as the right support for your breasts. Regular exercise will help you tone your body back into shape and ensure that your breasts do not sag. Consume nutritious foods suitable as a source for milk production in the breasts, as this is the nourishment that your child will benefit from. If you continue to feel tenderness and pain in your breasts over a long period of time, contact your gynecologist who will give you further advice on what is to be done.

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