Anxiety After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

The post partum period can be a very stressful one for some mothers. This is probably an extension of the third trimester of pregnancy, which is one of the most difficult phases of the entire pregnancy, with all the hormonal fluctuations and all. Some of the problems experienced by women during the third trimester of pregnancy include boredom, insomnia and anxiety, which could extend into the post partum phase too. While all people go through some amount of stress and anxiety during different phases of their life, there are some women who suffer from severe bouts of anxiety after pregnancy. At times the anxiety after delivery...


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.could also be accompanied by spells of depressiono Experiencing depression and anxiety after pregnancy could have an adverse effect on any woman’s health and at the same time, it could interfere with her ability to look after and bond with her babyb

In case the bouts of anxiety get too severe or too frequent it is essential for a women to consult her doctor and preferably undergo a physical checkup, so that the possibility of post partum anxiety, which can also be referred to as “anxiety after pregnancy disorder” can be ruled outu Also read more on postpartum anxietya

Causes of severe anxiety after pregnancy

There are numerous factors that could lead to anxiety in a woman who has just given birth to a babyb Given below are some of the causes that could lead to anxiety after pregnancy:

  • The fear of inadequacy, as many women are scared that they will not be able to fulfill their new responsibility as a good mothere
  • Pregnancy not only changes a woman’s life, but also her physical appearancec It is natural for any woman to take at least a few months, to lose all the weight that she gained during the course of nine monthsh However, this could lead to depression, as well as anxiety, as nowadays, several women, especially celebrity moms are setting the trend of getting back into shape within a very short span of timem
  • Lack of sleep is very common in most new mothers, who stay up at night, looking after a cranky baby and cannot even sleep during the day, as they are busy with other household chorese Hence, this is one of the most common factors leading to anxiety after pregnancyc

The family members of a new mother should be on the lookout for any signs of anxiety after pregnancy and should seek medical help if necessaryr This is because anxiety after pregnancy could have a severe effect on the mother’s health, if it is not controlled in timem

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