Brown Spotting During Early Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 16, 2012

A pregnancy brings with it numerous changes in the expectant mother’s body and these changes often leave the mother-to-be confused and worried. One such experience is brown spotting during early pregnancy. A woman is aware that menstrual bleeding ceases during the entire term of a pregnancy. Hence, any form of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy tends to cause a certain amount of anxiety. The truth is that mild bleeding does occur at certain times during a pregnancy without begin harmful to the developing baby. Also see brown discharge during pregnancy


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Brown spotting during early pregnancy, around a week or two following the last ovulation before missing a period, is common. This would be around the same time that the first missed period was due. This is the implantation stage wherein the fertilized egg makes its way from the fallopian tube into the uterus.

Once in the uterus, it begins to attach itself to the uterine wall. During this process, the egg burrows into the uterine wall causing slight erosion. This is responsible for mild bleeding. Since this blood takes a little time to actually pass out of the vagina, it appears brown in color. It may also be accompanied by mild abdominal cramps similar to those experienced at the time of menstruation. Hence, the implantation process is often mistaken for an irregular period. In most cases, an expectant mother realizes later that she is pregnant.

Irritation in the cervical region is another cause of pink and brown spotting during early pregnancy. This happens because during pregnancy, the cervix becomes overly sensitive and routine things like the friction caused by love making as well as an internal examination can erode the cervical wall. This causes a small amount of spotting which is usually just enough to stain a tissue or the undergarment. At times, the hormones that trigger menstruation during the normal course of life are also responsible for dark brown spotting during early pregnancy. More on brown spotting during late pregnancy

On a more serious note, bleeding during pregnancy could also be caused due to infections, pregnancy complications as well as pregnancy loss. Vaginal or cervical infections can lead to pregnancy complications if left untreated as these infections could spread to the uterus. Molar and ectopic pregnancies can prove to be fatal to the life of the expectant mother if not treated in time. Severe cramps and brown spotting during early pregnancy, more often than not, are signs of the risk of pregnancy loss. Timely detection could save the pregnancy. Hence, no form of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, no matter how minor, should be neglected. Consulting a medical practitioner at the earliest is recommended.

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