Baby Weight At 34 Weeks

Submitted by Nick on February 1, 2012

As your pregnancy progresses through the various stages, you will notice that your body undergoes various physical and emotional changes. Most of these changes occur as a direct result of the hormonal imbalance that takes place within the mother’s body. As your baby grows and forms within the womb, the fetus is also gaining weight that causes the mother to put on a few extra pounds. During pregnancy week 34, baby weight should be up to at least four and a half pounds and should be near eighteen inches in length.


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Most of the development of the fetus has already taken place by now and all your baby does from now on is gain weight and strengthen the already developed systems. Pregnancy week 34 infant weight may vary from person to person and there is no need to worry if your baby is heavier or lighter than the average child. Most children will put on the required weigh just before delivery.

There are many parents who check pregnancy week 34 birth weight and tend to panic if they find that their child is heavier or lighter than the normal. Once again, you are reminded that this is normal and most often, children gain or stop gaining weight according to their development. See also 34 weeks pregnant what to expect

Although pregnancy week 34 fetus weight differs from child to child, it must be remembered that each child is unique and will develop in his or her own time. Unless an ultrasound shows that all is not well with the development of the fetus, it is recommended that expectant mothers, and their partners, remain calm and do not panic. Your baby will continue to make movements within the womb, till he or she is in a comfortable position. At this stage, your baby and you are both preparing yourselves for delivery and you must be careful of the movements you make, being over careful not to exert yourself physically, in any possible way. Eating the correct foods and staying fit is the best way to ensure the growth and safety of the child in your womb. Staying away from intoxicants such as alcohol and tobacco are recommended because they tend to have a direct effect on the health and growth of the child in the womb. Rest is equally important and it is essential that you get enough shut eye during the day. Allow your body to relax and de-stress yourself, while you prepare yourself for the physical task of childbirth.

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