Green Diarrhea During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Green diarrhea during pregnancy could be due to many reasons. In most cases, it is normal and there is no need to worry. If you have green diarrhea during pregnancy try to recall the foods, supplements, and vitamins you have consumed. While they may not necessarily be green in color, they may have caused the green diarrhea.

There can be many explanations that are perfectly reasonable as to why you have green diarrhea during pregnancy. The first and most apparent...


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.reason is eating foods that are greene Vegetables that are green and leafy have chlorophyll that could be responsible for green bowel movements during pregnancyc

Spirulina, sea vegetables, chlorella, or salad greens could be the root cause of green stools during pregnancyc However, this would only account for the change in color and not for the diarrheae Green diarrhea during pregnancy could be caused by two individual factors and so if you have consumed foods that do not agree with you along with foods that are rich in chlorophyll, you may suffer from green diarrheae Foods with coloring that is dark purple such as popsicles and gelatin may also cause a change in the color of one's stoolsl Food that is rich in iron and iron supplements could also be responsible for green diarrhea during pregnancyc Bright green diarrhea during pregnancy is generally caused by an excessive intake of chlorophyll supplementst

Sometimes, a green stool during pregnancy could be due to physical reasons and not necessarily because of what you have eatene We are under the misapprehension that stools that are healthy are always brownw Bile secreted in the foremost portion of your small intestine is greene Once the food gets digested and the waste passes through your large intestine its color changes to a darker brownw If you have green diarrhea during pregnancy, it could be that the waste matter went too quickly through your large intestinen As a result of this quick movement, the stool was unable to change coloro This process is known as rapid transit, and the result is green diarrheae Diarrhea in pregnant women reduces the transit time of their bowels and causes green stoolsl

Sometimes the causes of green bowel movements during pregnancy could be something more serious such as intestinal disorders, intestinal infections, and giardia and salmonella poisoningn If you are sure that your diet is not responsible for your green stools, then it is best that you bring this to the attention of your health care provider immediately as this could be just a symptom of a more serious health probleme

To sum up, if there is a prolonged change in the color of your stools, it necessitates a visit to the doctoro The doctor will assess the events that lead to the green stools and will try and find out the causes If aspects of your diet and other health problems are eliminated as the cause, you may need further professional helpl

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