Healthy Breakfast Diet During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 17, 2012

Breakfast Diet During Pregnancy

Breakfast forms one of the most important meals of the day in a good and well balanced pregnancy diet. In fact having ones breakfast is more important during pregnancy than during any other time. During pregnancy the baby is dependent solely on its mother for its intake of nutrients and hence eating some food first thing in the morning as part of the pregnancy diet breakfast will ensure that this nutrient requirement is met early on in the day itself.


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Additionally pregnant women are also advised to keep having small meals frequently during the day to ensure that their energy levels remain high.

Pregnancy diet breakfast typically involves replacing one's white bagel and cream cheese with a healthier substitute in the form of a whole wheat bagel and some strawberry preserve instead. One may also have some raw oats that are cooked in meal during pregnancy as a pregnancy diet breakfast as it is known to be highly nutritious.

Caffeine in any form should be strictly avoided during pregnancy and instead pregnant women should increase the intake of fresh orange juice or water during a pregnancy diet breakfast. Eggs may also be consumed for breakfast by pregnant women in the form of an omelet and adding some spinach is also a healthy option. This is because spinach is known to be rich in calcium, zinc, iron and folic acid which are beneficial to the overall development of the child. One may also add other vegetable to the omelet to make it even more nutritious such as carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, onions etc.

Pregnant women can also consume plenty of fresh fruits except for papayas and pineapples as part of their morning pregnancy diet breakfast. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast during pregnancy helps to keep away pregnancy related medical condition such as pre-eclampsia and anemia and also symptoms such as mood swings and morning sickness. Women who are pregnant should never skip breakfast even if they did so in the past as this will make them feel fatigues, dizzy and reduce their concentration levels and also make the nausea worse. Pregnant women can also make their breakfast cereals healthier by adding chunks of fruit to their cereal during breakfast. Women should try and minimize the intake of processed or overly sgary breakfast options during pregnancy as they just contain empty calories and have little or no nutritional benefits for the baby and the mother.

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