Pregnancy Symptoms 3 Weeks

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 18, 2012

Week 3 Pregnancy Symptoms

By three weeks very few women will know positively that they are pregnant. Though you may not have missed your period, your baby is growing inside you. Right now, the baby is an embryo like a ball of cells that is rapidly multiplying and expanding. At three weeks of pregnancy, your baby is too small to be detected by the naked eye. The fertilized egg or zygote divides several times to become a tiny ball of small microscopic cells.


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By week three pregnant, you are probably anxious to start feeling those physical changes in your body. Some women may not feel anything till they have missed their period. They might experience slight spotting, which is an early sign that you have successfully conceived.

  You may be able to detect that you are ovulating during this time. Some women may produce an increased amount of clear and sticky discharge. If you experience an enhanced sense of smell, you are ovulating. There is no explanation as to why this happens, but many women have experienced it. You may also experience pain or cramping in one side of your abdomen. You may not experience many outward physical changes at this time except for some slight bloating, which is also a premenstrual symptom. from the full blown symptoms of pregnancy usually only start from  week four.

Some women feel pregnant even before they have confirmed their pregnancy tests. At times you might suspect you are pregnant because these symptoms are associated with other conditions as well. Likewise you might become pregnant without experiencing any of these symptoms. The early signs include abdominal cramping that feels like menstrual cramps. You might experience slight spotting or mucus discharge. The bleeding might occur slightly before you expect your normal menstrual cycle. This bleeding is often referred to as implantation spotting and is thought to be occurring due to the egg burrowing itself in the uterus lining.

By week three you may not be aware of many significant changes that are taking place inside your body, but you will soon begin to notice them. You might gain a few pounds and as your pregnancy continues you will see your waistline expanding. If you are trying to get pregnant you are filled with excitement and anticipation. However, you may not be able to confirm your pregnancy till the end of the first month. Keep in mind that in the first weeks of pregnancy it is vital for you to take care of yourself.  This is the time when you should start eating healthy and maintain a wellness oriented lifestyle.

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