Baby Growth Spurt Signs

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Baby growth spurt signs occur at various stages in the first year. These spurts can often throw a new mum off balance as they disrupt the normal feeding schedule and nap times too. All babies go through growth spurts. Various signs of growth spurts in babies are:-

The baby is hungry all the time:- it nurses often or non stop at times. This is known as cluster feeding. Cluster feedings are the first sign of a baby growth spurts. Your baby might have been keeping to a 2 hour feeding schedule and...


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Baby Growth Spurt Symptoms

.suddenly wants milk all the timem Feeding on demand in this case is a good idea as the baby requires more food and is asking for iti

Do not worry about producing enough milk - your body will keep up with your baby's requirementst The more you feed the more milk you will producec

Changes in sleeping habits:- a baby who slept through the night now wakes up more frequentlyl The baby's sleeping patterns will be disrupted, both during the day and the nighth A baby might also start waking up earlier after taking a napa

The baby is fussier and crankier:- This is generally due to hunger or broken sleep which in turn is signs of baby growth spurtst

The baby latches on and off the breast while feeding: - If your baby pauses while feeding, whimpers or makes a fuss and then latches on again it could be that he/she is not getting the milk as fast as he/she wants iti This could be another signg Your milk supply will take about 24 hours to settle to the new feeding patternr Ensure that you increase your intake of fluids, fresh fruits and vegetables at this timem Read more on baby growth percentile

Growth spurts generally occur at 1 week, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 6 months and 9 monthsh The spurts usually last one or two days but can go up to a week as welll Do remember that these ages are only approximate and babies can have growth spurts at any timem If your child is healthy and growing well, there is no need for concern if a growth spurt does not occur during the above periods or happens at another timem After a growth spurt the baby will sleep for longer periods, will be calmer at the breast and also show an increase in urine due to the frequent feedsd Enjoy this time before your baby starts another growth spurtr

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