Heart palpitations during pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on July 19, 2013

Although a pregnancy is a beautiful experience, a woman's body has to endure a significant amount of change. The ever changing hormonal levels during a pregnancy are famous for being the root cause of the mood swings that are common when a woman is expecting.


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Heart palpitations during pregnancy may or may not pose any medical problems, but since the body is very susceptible at this time, it is important to make sure that you have the condition checked by a licensed physician. Palpitations are essentially instances of the heart being much faster or more forcefully than it normally should. Most instances will see the palpitations subdue on their own, but there are cases in which the cause of the occurrence may be a little more deep rooted.

Heart palpitations are known to occur as a result of an underlying medical condition –the most common culprits being anemia, fever, dehydration, an overactive thyroid as well as low blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that heart palpitations during early pregnancy are rather common as a result of the increased blood volume present in the body.

The timeline of a pregnancy would see palpitations most prominently at the 28 to 32 week stage of the pregnancy. Some of the more common symptoms of heart palpitations during pregnancy include dizziness and shortness of breath. Heart palpitations during early pregnancy, especially in the first trimester can cause intense fatigue and low energy levels. You will need to get adequate rest and relaxation coupled with very light exercises to ease the strain on your body. Different women will experience more significant instances of heart palpitations at different cycles of their pregnancy given that there are different factors that play a role in blood generation such as stress levels, influence of any medication as well as daily routines and genetics. In the event that the mother has some sort of medical history with regards to cardiac problems, it is essential to have the attack inspected by a doctor as soon as possible. Other possible causes for heart palpitations during pregnancy include pre-eclampsia, anemia and diabetes. These conditions could have long-term effects on your little one so it is important to discuss treatment options with your doctor. Pregnant women are often anxious about the health and well being of their baby and this can cause panic attacks. Panic attacks cause severe anxiety along with sweating and palpitations.

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