Benefits of Music for Toddlers

From the rhythmic sounds of nursery rhymes to his favorite little bedtime ditty, toddlers respond eagerly to any form of musical entertainment.

While some kids may be more musically inclined than others, this does not mean that all do not benefit from the power of music.


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Apart from natural entertainment, a combination of music and movement has several benefits for young children. It can provide a rich sensory environment and can help hone talent and improve skills apart from a number of other advantages.

  • Music helps you bond – Dancing and singing to or with your child is a great way to bond with your little one. Enjoy their happiness and get into the spirit of things by jumping around or making up some crazy dance moves of your own.
  • Music makes him sleepy – A ritual of a bedtime song is an excellent way to lull your child to sleep. It also prepares him for bedtime and informs him that it’s now time to stop playing and get into bed. Now is not the time for energetic music or raucous rhymes though. Instead try some soothing classical music or a favorite lullaby to get your baby in a bedtime mood.
  • Music improves language skills – Children learn better through song. Studies show that kids who were taught the alphabet in rhyming manner remembered it better than those who were not. Introducing your child to new music and songs also exposes him to new words and ideas that can spark his imagination and creativity.
  • Music for memory – Music works as a natural memory enhancer.

    By repeating words, rhymes and movements, your children remember better and retain the information for longer as well.
  • Music inspires creativity – Let your child loose with a wooden spoon and a tin can or a toy drum set and sit back and enjoy. Sing along with him and bang out a rhythm to help him along. Music can inspire creativity and is infinitely more fun than plain old reading and writing.
  • Music makes things new – While the old classics always work, don’t restrict your child to the same old songs and music. Now is the time to introduce him to musical genres such as classical, jazz, country and exotic African or Caribbean beats and discover new favorites of his own.
  • Music is not a mission – Let music be a part of your child’s life but do not make it a chore or a mission. Not every child is a musical prodigy and while your little one may be talented in singing or playing an instrument, it does not mean that he is the next Mozart in the making. Be the kind of parent who encourages and appreciates any efforts made by your child irrespective of what he achieves.

While there is not yet any scientific evidence to prove that music makes children smarter, it is an undeniable fact that adding music to your child’s life can benefit in a host of other ways. From infancy to adulthood, music has the power to move, inspire and improve adults and children the world over.

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