Romancing Your Pregnant Wife

Romance your pregnant wife and make her feel special.
Romaancing your wife during her pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster ride for most women: and not necessarily an enjoyable one at that. With crazy mood swings and bouts of anxiety and fear about the future caused by hormonal and physical changes, it is no wonder that all women crave romance and nurturing during their pregnancy. Romance your pregnant wife and make her feel special. Your partner needs to know that nothing will change in your relationship after the baby, that you still desire her, and that you appreciate what she is going through.

Following are some easy ways to romance your pregnant wife (that don't necessarily break the bank):

The gift of giving: Buy her some flowers on the way back from work. Pick up her favorite chocolates to surprise her with. Leave her little notes that say you are thinking of her. Nothing says 'I love you' to a woman like knowing that you have made an effort to keep her happy!

Happy feet: Your wife has to deal with  swollen feet and ankles and aching feet. Sweep her wife off her feet and give her a foot massage. All you need is some sweet smelling oil or cream and a comfortable place for her to recline.

Mommy's helper: Reduce the load on your wife by taking over some of her responsibilities at home. Make the dinner and clean up afterwards. If you have other children, let her lie down and you handle their morning routines. Run those errands and tell her that she is doing more than enough anyways.

Surprise! Surprise!: Gift your girl a day away at a spa or book, or even a weekend break for the both of you. Once the baby is born, it will be a long while before you can escape as a couple, so make the most of this time. Choose a stress free holiday where you both can relax and bond by spending quality time together.

Reignite the fire: Touch your wife. You may think you are, but be assured that it is not enough for your wife with her wavering levels of self-esteem. Hug her, kiss her, cuddle her and make sure she knows that you still desire her. Careful sex during pregnancy is also recommended. It allows you to reconnect and regain your intimacy. Just check with your health care provider about safe sex positions during pregnancy and if there are any other restrictions.

Make the most of your time as a couple during the pregnancy. Remember once the baby is born, the both of you will be too busy to think of anything else!

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