What is my baby doing at 19 weeks pregnant?

(August 23, 2011)

At 19 weeks of pregnancy you have probably seen a decrease in the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. If yes, you can now start enjoying your pregnancy, which could be one of the most delightful and exciting experiences of your life. There are several changes that your body is going through at this time, so you can imagine the changes that your baby at 19 weeks pregnant is going through. Given below is some general information on your baby at 19 weeks pregnant:

How big is my baby at 19 weeks pregnant?

Your baby is growing every day and so there will be a noticeable increase in his height every week. In the 19th week, the doctor will measure your baby’s height from the head to the rump. On average, your baby’s height should be a little more than 6 inches from the head to rump, which is approximately 15 centimeters or so. To get a clear idea, you can imagine your baby being as large as an heirloom tomato. Moreover, his arms and legs will be proportionate to each other and to the rest of the body by now.

How much does my baby weigh at 19 weeks pregnant?

The average weight gain at 19 weeks pregnant for a baby is about an ounce and a half or 50 grams. The average weight for your baby in the 19th week is around 8.5 ounces or 240 grams. If your baby weighs a little more or less than that, it is hardly a cause for concern. However, if the difference in the average weight and your baby’s weight is drastic, then your doctor may ask you to change your diet immediately. You may also need to go through certain tests to determine the possible causes of the difference.

What is my baby at 19 weeks pregnant doing?

Most mothers can’t wait for their next ultrasound test, because they enjoy observing their babies in the womb. In case you have an ultrasound scheduled in the 19th week, you’d probably see your baby sprouting some hair on his scalp. Your baby will also be moving quite actively, even though you may not feel it as yet. If you do feel rumbling in your tummy, it is probably just your baby – doing a backflip.

However, do bear in mind that every baby grows and develops at a different pace, even in the womb. In case you are concerned about your baby’s growth, it is best for you to set up an appointment with your doctor and check if everything is normal.

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