What does my baby look like at 38 weeks pregnant?

(June 9, 2011)

At 38 weeks pregnant the baby is considered a full term baby and delivery anytime after this week is considered a normal delivery. On the other hand, babies who are born before 38 weeks are considered to be premature. The length of the baby from head to toe is about 19-21 inches and the weight of baby at 38 weeks pregnant is almost 7 pounds. However at this stage of pregnancy, the height and weight of the baby can vary quite a bit on a case to case basis. Some very common questions among women at this stage in their pregnancy are, “what does my baby look like at 38 weeks pregnant?” or “how big is my baby at 38 weeks pregnant?” By this stage your baby has grown quite plump and has developed a firmer grasp. The baby’s organs have matured almost completely by this stage and the baby is ready for birth. The color of the baby’s eyes will only be seen when the baby is born and may even change in a few days or weeks after birth. This happens because the pigment in the baby’s eyes changes after birth and it usually gets darker and rarely ever becomes lighter.

Fetal development is still happening rapidly even at the 38th week of pregnancy and the baby grows at least an ounce everyday. Meconium, which is the baby’s first bowel movement, continues to accumulate in the baby’s intestines. The head and abdominal circumference do not change all that much after this stage right up until birth. If the baby is a boy, the testicles would have already descended into the scrotum by the 38th week. In the case of girl babies, by this stage the labia are completely formed. The baby continues to gain weight for the following two weeks and fat keeps getting stored to maintain glucose levels in the body and also to maintain body temperature. The vernix, which is the creamy layer that protects the baby’s skin, is still present but is mostly seen on the back and neck and in the skin folds. At 38 weeks pregnant, the fine layer of hair, also known as lanugo, which covers the baby’s body, is also now seen only on the shoulders and upper back. The baby at 38 weeks pregnant is therefore fully developed and is ready to be born anytime without any risks or complications to its overall health.

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