Toddler Cough Suppressant

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

It is quite common for toddlers to suffer from a cough, due to several factors. Since a cough can lead to a lot of discomfort, most people consult doctors for the treatment of toddler coughing. There are many health care providers who may recommend a toddler cough syrup to stop the coughing and relieve the other accompanying symptoms. However, there are certain side effects that may be associated with these cough medicines, such as drowsiness or heartburn. Hence, many parents explore different options for curing the cough and may also be willing to try a toddler cough suppressant.


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What is a toddler cough suppressant?

The difference between a cough suppressant and other cough medication is that a suppressant, like the name suggests, stops the body’s natural desire or reflex to cough. It is possible to get these cough suppressants in two forms.

One type of the suppressant is the non-narcotic type, which can be bough over the counter and the other type, that is the narcotic type, is a prescription suppressant. Hence, health experts usually advise people against the use of a toddler cough suppressant. This is due to the fact that suppressing a cough is not as healthy as trying to treat and cure one. Therefore, a commercial toddler cough suppressant should be kept far away from a toddler, no matter how safe and effective it claims to be.

However, even some of the most effective toddler cough treatments could take a while to cure the problem. In such cases, it is not uncommon for parent to use a natural toddler cough suppressant, just to enable the child to sleep peacefully at night. Given below is a list of natural cough suppressants that are used most commonly:

  • Steam therapy, where the toddler is made to sit in a steamy bathroom for at least 15 minutes or so, to soothe the throat, which helps treat the cough
  • Mix a teaspoon of honey along with a pinch of turmeric in a glass of warm milk, and feed it to the toddler once a day, to reduce the coughing
  • Prepare some lemon tea or ginger tea and add a natural sweetener, like honey, to it, before feeding it to the toddler, while it is still warm. This soothes the throat and keeps the child from coughing excessively.
  • Massage the toddler’s chest with some eucalyptus oil and over the child well, allowing the vapor to relieve the cough
  • Most of the natural cough suppressant options mentioned above are fairly safe, but it is best to consult a doctor before using any of them.
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