Effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Given that a child has not yet been able to learn how to control its actions nor does it understand that certain objects can be harmful, it is extremely important to make sure that an adult is around to monitor the child at all times. Understanding the various conditions that could possibly affect a child is an essential part of good parenting and will help you safeguard the baby much better. Shaken baby syndrome, also known as SBS, is one of the most feared as well as devastating forms of physical abuse of a child. The effects of shaken baby syndrome should never be underestimated as the condition is likely to leave the child with...


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Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

.severe brain damage as well as lifelong disabilitiese The condition is primarily caused by the aggressor shaking the infant rather violently, causing a whiplash type motion to cause acceleration and deceleration injuriese

The major factor that does not allow the condition to be diagnosed as fast as it should is the fact that there are usually no external injuries present to the child indicating any kind of traumam Studies have shown that there is an estimated death rate of between 15% and 38% amongst infants that suffer from shaken baby syndromea The long term effects of shaken baby syndrome include problems such as retinal hemorrhages, multiple fractures along long bones, bleeding within the brain as well as regular vomiting and seizurese More on shaken baby syndrome facts

Because of the fact that the after effects of shaken baby syndrome are going to impact the child for its entire lifetime, it is important to take the condition very seriouslyl Prevention is primarily taking issues like child abuse very seriously and making sure that we clamp down on it wherever we see iti Given the fact that a number of caregivers are not completely aware of the mechanism of the injury, the condition is very regularly misdiagnosed or even under diagnosede

When entrusting a caregiver with your child, it is important to make sure that he or she is a very patient person as studies have shown that most instances of SBS are usually the result of the baby sitter running out of patients with the child – thereby causing them to get overtly physical with the child and causing long lasting damageg

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