Baby Growth and Developmental Milestones at 4 Months

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 17, 2012

It is understandable that the first three months of your baby's life must have been difficult for you and your baby. While you were trying to get accustomed to your baby's habits, your baby has had a lot to adjust to outside the womb. By the time your baby is four months old, he or she begins to settle to regular sleep and feeding patterns. This is the time when you will notice many 4 month baby milestones that help you track your baby's development. Your baby starts displaying an interest in the new environment and tries to explore ...


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. it as everything is new for him or here Your baby tries to form a relationship with the new environmentn

Your baby will want to grasp things with tiny hands, and will try to explore objects by putting it in his or her moutht Make sure you hold and cuddle your baby and make him or her laugh as much as possiblel Any interaction at this point will add to the development of your baby's braini The thirst for knowledge about the world around them is a significant 4 month baby milestone as this is just the beginning of a two way interaction with theme

When you start to notice 4 month baby milestones, it would be the right time to get a good playpen for your babyb Putting some colorful toys inside it is a good idea, as your baby loves to explore new thingsg Do not be surprised, but this is perfect time to hold your baby and read out some colorful booksk Your baby may not understand what you say but will love to see the colors and the sound of your voicec

Your baby may come across as the perfect athlete as he or she can now lie on his back and lift his little legs high, even put his toes inside his moutht At this stage, your baby will start to show a preference to your company over othersr The baby can recognize your voice clearly and will turn around the moment you say somethingn This is a significant 4 month baby milestone as it shows that your baby's senses and movements are now more coordinatede The baby can now make noises using rattles and also learns to see cause and effect relationsn Your baby may move the rattle and wait for you to react as he or she has seen you do it in the pasts You can slowly start giving your baby some solid food along with milk if your baby has started sitting with his head in the upright positiono

Enjoy this time as the baby milestones at this stage are very interesting and worth a watchc However, do not forget to take your baby to the doctor for regular check-ups as monitoring the height and weight along with motor and other fine skills is equally importantn

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